Orange Esports Dota2 Rookie Cup series #11

Posted on: 7 Jan, 2014 by admin

[Orange Esports Dota2 Rookie Cup series] 

The Orange Esports Dota2 Rookie Cup provides a competitive platform for the rookies that never got the chance to hit the spotlight. 

Rookie Cup #11 is now open for registration! 

This will be a new series where all restrictions on former winning teams & players are lifted! Let us look forward to better games! 

The registration fees for now will be RM25 per team (only RM5 per player). 

Unruly players or those who are always late & disrespect the scheduling will be banned from now onwards. 

Registration Form & more details can be found below: 

For further enquiries on tournaments organised by us, please drop me a message at: Orange Esports League 
*Please ensure that you have read through the whole registration form before asking; repetitive questions will not be entertained. 
Further updates will be posted on 
Official Orange Esports website:




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