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1. Application
2. Planning
3. Renovation
4. Operation
5. Operation
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Why Orange?

We carry our brand with pride as it is well known worldwide and also locally. This is due to our venture into Esports which brought us massive exposure and the amount of work and dedication put into our Internet Shop to please our customers.

The Orange team has 15 years experience with the in and outs of setting up and operating cyber cafes which can provide good insight for our joint venture partners. We needed to overcome many challenges and obstacles to reach where we are now, which is the Biggest Cyber Cafe chain in Malaysia despite having many competitors in this industry.
We have deep connections with our partners who are also big brands such as Asus ROG, Benq Zowie, Razer, Redbull, Cooler Master, Intel, Nvidia, AKRacing, and HyperX, as we collaborate with them to ensure quality in our Internet Shops. Currently, we have 52 Internet Shop outlets operated in Klang Valley and looking forward to expand. We focus on moving forward in every aspect such as Esports and our Internet Shops to further build our brand.

Join us today and become a part of the Biggest Cyber Cafe chain in Malaysia!


Years of Company
Business Award


Premium brand
50 branches over Klang Valley
Total membership 50,000+
Comprehensive game resources
Technical support
On going esports event


Agree and willing to growth business with ORANGE
Passion and Innovation
No criminal record
Integrity and Loyalty
Good financial condition

Orange Investment Model

 oes logo
Esports Stadium
ois table logo
Orange Esports Cafe
(Top Spec)
ois table logo
Orange Esports Cafe
(Standard Spec)
ois table logo
Orange Internet Cafe
(Top Spec)
ois table logo
Orange Internet Cafe
(Standard Spec)
Business ModelJoint Venture / LicensingLicensingLicensingLicensingLicensing
Minimum Area2500 - 3000 sq.ft1500 sq.ft1500 sq.ft--
Number of PC100 PC60 PC60 PC30 PC30 PC
PC SpecificationHighHighStandardHighStandard
4 X 100Mbps 2 X 100Mbps 2 X 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps
Vendor Scope➢ Shop Location
➢ Local Business License
➢ Capital Investment
Orange Scope➢ 5 years ORANGE brand license
➢ Design and Technical Consultancy
➢ Renovation work
➢ Networking + PC
➢ Training
Business Support➢Technical Support
➢ Account Administration

Job Scope



◆ Electric & Lighting
◆ Plaster Ceiling
◆ Aircond & Fan
◆ Tables
◆ Tiles
◆ Signboard
◆ Counter


◆ Staff Training
◆ Games Update
◆ Licensing Application
◆ Electric & Water bill
◆ Unifi Installation


◆ Gaming CPU
◆ Gaming Monitor
◆ Gaming Peripheral
◆ Servers
◆ Mousepad
◆ Ceiling Speaker

The major township list that we prefer to start your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1★ Benefits from Orange's Joint Venture and Licensing.
                 Being the largest Internet Cafe chain in Malaysia by size and popular demand guarantees a high level of trust by customers with stable branding strategy. Joining us would enable additional benefits which will provide access to greater resources, professional support, technology and distribution channel etc.


2★ Regarding outlet location
                Every vendor is responsible for securing a suitable location and proposing it. All potential sites should be presented for approval and then evaluated by the management. An ideal location is vital for the business.


3★ Regarding outlet renovations
              Floor plans are optional for vendors as if not provided, it will be provided by us. The floor plan design and outlet's renovations must meet our requirements.


4★ Regarding outlet equipment
                Equipment would be supplied by our supplier. The PC specs are based on the investment model.
5★ Expected return on investment
                Each outlet's status is different and the financial viability depends on various factors such as outlet location and target market. Every vendor should manage the outlet effectively to maximize profit. However, we do not guarantee investment returns on time.
6★ Resource and training
                Professional training would be conducted by us to ensure quality customer service and a complete understanding of our various systems such as game, media and software resources.
7★ Required personnel per outlet
                 ★ Branch Manager -1 person
                 ★ Supervisor -1 person
                 ★ Sales Assistant -3 persons
                 ★ Cleaner -1 person


8★ Expected expenses per outlet
                 ★ Brand royalties and management fees
                 ★ Electric,  Water and Internet Fee
                 ★ Labor cost
                 ★ Administration Fee
                 ★ Maintenance Fee
                 ★ IT support cost
                  Shop property (rental)


9★ Requirement to operate
              Everyone who fulfills the requirements to grow the business with us is welcomed. Malaysian nationality and above average financial position is required.


10★ Differences between Orange Internet Shop outlet and Joint Venture/Licensing outlet
             In order to standardize our Orange Internet Shop brand image, there will be no difference between our outlet and a Joint venture/Licensing outlet. Joint venture/Licensing parties are entitled to enjoy all the expected benefits