Orange Esports




        Orange E-sports based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was founded in July 2011. As Malaysia's electronic sports powerhouse, we sponsor competitive gaming teams to represent Malaysia abroad and organize offline/online competitions and leagues to promote E-sports. Orange E-sports is supported by its sister company Orange Internet Cafe who is the largest internet cafe chain in Malaysia. Orange E-sports aspirations for Malaysia in the eyes of the World.


[ 27 November 2016 ] Hotlink Dota 2 Youth Cup Final Qualifier & Grand Final

[ 26 November 2016 ] Tinge Dota 2 Championship 2016

[ 26 November 2016 ] MY Esports LoL Championship 2016

[ 26 November 2016 ] BenQ SEA CSGO Cup (LAN Qualifier + Main Event)

[ 19 November 2016 ] BenQ South East Asia CSGO Invitational Online Qualifier

[ 19 November 2016 ] FIFA Online 3 Fun Tournament

Our Project

My Esports Championship Season3
Go BOLA! FIFA3 Tournament
CS:GO Sea Challenge