National Collegiate CYBER Championships 2013

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Presenting Malaysia's first ever National Collegiate Cyber Championships 2013!

[ Study = Grade A = Play ]
Grab the chance to show that college/university students are not only book smart, but can be pro gamers while achieving grade A results!

8 Teams from the Qualifiers will converge for a LAN Grand Final in the Orange Esports Stadium, Kuala Lumpur on 30th Nov 2013.


= 1st. RM2000 + Sponsored Prizes + Gears
= 2nd. RM1000 + Sponsored Prizes + Gears
= 3rd. RM500 + Sponsored Prizes + Gears
= 4th-6th. Sponsored Prizes + Gears

Participation terms & FAQs:
*Registration is FREE.*
*Registration deadline will be announced when slots are limited or 2 days before the respective qualifiers.*
*This tournament is open to all college/university students of both IPTA/IPTS in Malaysia, regardless of level of studies.*
*Secondary school is NOT a college/university*
*"3+2 quota": At least 3 players in a team must be from the same college/university, & the other 2 players can be from the same or any other colleges/universities in any region.*
*Only students from the same campus is considered as from the same college/university.*
*Substitute player does not help in filling the "3+2 quota" & can only substitute for another player from the same college/university.*
*All participants must possess a valid & active student ID from their colleges/universities during the whole tournament.*
*Up to 2 foreigners are allowed in a team as long as all the other requirements are met.*
*Transportation & accommodation to the grand final venue will be provided to a maximum of 5 players per qualified team.*

Regional Qualifiers:
*Based on the location of the college/university that the majority of your players are from.*
= Northern Peninsular (5pm, 18th Oct 2013; Online; 1 slot to Grand Final)
= Southern Peninsular (5pm, 25th Oct 2013; Online; 1 slot to Grand Final)
= East Malaysia (5pm, 1st Nov 2013; Online; 1 slot to Grand Final)
= Peninsular East Coast (5pm, 8th Nov 2013; Online; 1 slot to Grand Final)
= Central Peninsular (9am, 9th Nov 2013; LAN @ Orange Esports Stadium; 4 slots to Grand Final)
(Format: Single Eliminations, Best-Of-One)

Map for Orange Esports Stadium:

For further enquiries, please drop us a message at:

More details will be announced along the way.
Please stay tuned to

Link to NCCC'13 rules & regulations:
In event of disputes, organiser's decisions are final and binding.


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