Malaysia Garena HoN 3.0 launching & CNY Party 2013

Posted on: 29 Jan, 2013 by admin

The A.I Awakening

Warning! This is an emergency broadcast, an A.I from the S2 department has turned rogue and is threatening all potential HoN players during this Chinese festive season! The A.I has taken over the minds of certain heroes and our towers may not be enough to hold out against them; We are calling all players to come join us at the frontline of Mid wars battlefield to battle against this menacing catastrophe!


All new recruits will be placed into teams of 5 to bring the war back to the A.I, so bring your best gear and a change of socks just in case as all contributors will be awarded with HoN in-game items or currency! The recruit whom grabs the most kills against the A.I Bots will be crowned the PAWN KING of A.I Domination 3.0 !


Event Date: 2nd Feb 2013
Event Venue: Orange Internet Cafe, Wangsa Maju.
Event Time: 10.00 am till 7.00 pm



Event Highlights


· A.I Domination 3.0

· Meowie Fortune Angpows

· CNY Mid Wars Fun 2013

· GongXiFaCai Photo Contest


· And more…

For more info visit official website.


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