Orange Esports Dota Malaysia Wins USD 287,441

Posted on: 12 Aug, 2013 by admin

We threw away our lead and lost to Navi 1-2 yet again thereby finished 3rd in the International 2013. Henceforth we attained our goal of
finishing top 3 in TI3 and USD287k richer. Sorry to disappoint our fans in the Navi games. Our magnificent run in the lower bracket brought
with us many sweet moments and confidence that will help us to do well in many more dota2 tournament and leagues in China.
Mushi-Xtinct-Kyxy-Net-Ohaiyo team with proven team chemistry will come back to TI4 next year! Many thanks to our sponsors Orange Internet Cafe,
Neolution, Razer, Asus, Kingston, BenQ and Gunnar for their backings. Look forward to meet Navi again in Dubai this Nov!

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